Friday, July 3, 2009

Bluetooth Mobile Phone Hack

This is hack that you can do on your friend's Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. By successfully implementing this hack,
  • You can dial any number from your friend's mobile phone.
  • You can change the silent mode.
  • Turn on ringing tone with out a call.
  • Turn on alarm sound.
  • Access Phone Book.
  • Access SMS.
  • Access Call Summery.
  • And many more depending on the compatibility of the friend's phones. Most of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones are supported.
Are you impressed?
Then this is what you need.
  • Two Bluetooth enabled phones. Obviously your phone and your friend's (victim's) phone. ;-)
  • Your phone must have Java support.
  • You need Super Bluetooth Java application installed.
  • Physical access to your friend's phone for one time or If your phone is already paired and your friend has already added you to trusted connections no problems.
This the way to do it.
  • If you haven't already paired two phones. Pair them and add your phone to trusted connections on the other mobile phone's paired devices list. If you don't do this, every time you try to connect your friends phone, he will get an alert asking to permission to connect.
  • Go to your applications.
  • Open Super Bluetooth application.
  • Select "Connect".
  • Select your friend's phone and connect.
  • And everything else is straight forward. ;-)
Have fun! :-D

BTW I found this video on YouTube demonstrating this hack. There are lot more videos like this have a look.

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